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Getting ready to head back to school? Need a deal on a used textbook? To help you out, TextbookRush – a leading provider of low-priced textbooks – has reduced the prices of its books for sale on AbeBooks by 10%.

Based in Ohio, TextbookRush has been selling books online since 2002. TextbookRush prides itself on friendly and easily accessible customer service, and is committed to providing "the books you need, the prices you want".

Start saving now by searching through the thousands of new and used textbooks offered by TextbookRush.

Don't delay - Sale ends September 7th.


Sample Some Savings

Engaging Ideas The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom by John C. Bean
Engaging Ideas

List Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $28.01
World History: Patterns of Interaction by Roger B. Beck
World History: Patterns of Interaction

List Price: $84.87
Sale Price: $30.10
Communication in a Changing World with CD-ROM 2. 0
Communication in a Changing World with CD-ROM 2. 0

List Price: $90.42
Sale Price: $45.71
Essential Cell Biology
Essential Cell Biology

List Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $96.88

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