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Books of Hours Collecting a Series
When it comes to books like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, some of us just have to have them all.
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John J Wild - International BusinessNew & Used Textbooks
Save money with great deals on new and used textbooks. Sign up for the AbeBooks Student Newsletter & enter to win an iPod touch!
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Starbooks BestsellersStarbooks
A lot of latte has gone into these books about Starbucks. Discover how the coffee juggernaut is taking over our bookshelves.
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Oil! by Upton SinclairOil!
Behind every Oscars ceremony, there is always literature - Upton Sinclair's Oil! was among the books behind the awards.
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02/05/2008 targets Sweden & Russia with new online marketplace for used books
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Top Ten Bestsellers on - June

  1. Big Russ and Me
    Tim Russert
  2. Wisdom of Our Fathers
    Tim Russert
  3. Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
    Daniel Amen
  4. Dreams of My Father
    Barack Obama
  5. The Pillars Of The Earth
    Ken Follett
  6. The Red Car
    Don Stanford
  7. A New Earth
    Eckhart Tolle
  8. Three Cups of Tea
    Greg Mortenson
  9. The Wordsworth Dictionary of Culinary and Menu Terms
    Rodney Dale
  10. Night
    Elie Wiesel