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About mo-books

mo-books is an independant book store. We have been selling books online and in brick and mortar stores since 2000.

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Bookstore Terms

We guarantee our books to be as described.

Shipping Terms:

Orders usually ship within 1 business day. mo-books does not charge additional shipping for any domestic destinations as long as Priority services are not required. Shipping cost includes confirmation and insurance when needed. International deliveries are not insurable at the Flat-Rate Priority Envelope rate. Nor are tracking numbers available on these envelopes. In order to have insurance you MUST contact us and inquire about the shipping costs to your international destination. Canada and Mexico are less expensive than other international destinations. Please inquire for an exact shipping cost for international destinations. Smaller paperback books are wrapped in kraft paper and safely wrapped in a manila envelope and secured. Hardback books and larger softbound books are wrapped in kraft paper and then securely shipped in a box that is specifically sized for each book.