Grantchester Grind

Sharpe, Tom

ISBN 10: 0745166733 / 0-7451-6673-3
ISBN 13: 9780745166735
Publisher: Chivers Audio Books
Publication Date: 1997

About this title:
The instinct of the true Porterhouse man when faced with a crisis is to reach for the bottle! Then to fall back on the subtle tactical skills honed at Cambridge down the centuries: blackmail and kidnapping! But will these be enough? Menaced on all sides by the collapse of the Chapel, the tentacles of organized crime and the hovering threat of the abominable Dog's Nose Man, will Porterhouse be forced to unleash his most fearsome weapon: college food?

Product Description:
The sequel to Porterhouse Blue takes us back to the hilarious goings-on at Porterhouse College. In the face of crisis, the instinct of the true Porterhouse man is to reach for the bottle… or, fall back on the traditional Cambridge skills of blackmail and kidnap. But will that be enough?

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Product Description:
It's crisis time again at Porterhouse. Skullion is showing signs of frailty and the tricky task of appointing a new Master has to begin once more. Meanwhile, the college's monstrous debts refuse to go away and a sinister American seems determined to make a film on the premises.

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