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We sell only explicit erotic books, primarily from the Golden Age of Erotica (1968-198x) but including other more recently published books sometimes, especially if the book is now out of print. FYI, I will no longer ship orders addressed directly within a prison system. Too often erotic books are not allowed within a prison and the customer has no way of knowing if the order was ever shipped or not, so understandably they call for a refund which is provided but it leaves the bookseller on the hook for the cost of the book unless the prison returns the book to the sender. This does happen sometimes, but not always so I have decided not to accept orders that are addressed directly to the inmate within a prison system any longer.

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Terms of Sale

ATTENTION: Please be advised that I will no longer ship items to inmates within a prison system. I sell ONLY erotic books and too often these books are prevented from entering a prison. Orders I receive that are adressed to inmates will be rejected in the future.

Prices are in US Dollars. Methods of Payment For US Residents: Any Credit Card accepted by ABEBooks. US Postal Money Order (made out to "Paul Jimerson") A Personal Check (made out to "Paul Jimerson"). I can no longer accept payment via ...

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Shipping Terms

Domestic Shipping (Within the US): If you choose Standard Shipping, orders of 1-3 books are shipped via USPS Media Mail. Orders of 4 or more titles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail regardless of whether you choose Standard or Expedited Shipping but depending upon the number of books you order Expedited Shipping may cost less than Standard because the Expedited Shipping charge is always the same. Adding more books to your order will not raise the cost of Expedited Shipping.

International Shipping: Postage varies considerably depending upon where you are. The only reasonably priced option available is Airmail from the U.S.Postal Service. It is my understanding that Global Priority mail travels no faster than Airmail even though it is more expensive so I don't use it. Packages usually arrive - in Europe within 10-14 days. - in Canada after as much as 3 weeks due to border delays. - elsewhere within 2-4 weeks.

General Principles: I am disturbed by book sellers whose shipping fees are too high. It is my intention to ensure that shipping fees never become a source of revenue. What I pay the mail carrier to ship your order should be roughly equivalent to the shipping charge you pay. I don't charge a 'handling fee' or for packing supplies. Like most of the booksellers I deal with I pay very little for packing supplies. I usually re-use envelopes and boxes that came along with items that were shipped to me. With regards to 'handling fees' this seems to me like a fee the customer has to pay the seller in order for the seller to prepare the books they ordered for shipmnent, but in my opinion some things ought to come with the original purchase price. I don't spend much time preparing an order for shipment so asking people to pay me for doing so seems unfair. I am happy to do it for free.