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Decorating a personal space like the bedroom can be a delightful undertaking. Using vintage bedroom art to enhance the space is a wonderful way to express your personality and taste with works that are soothing and calm or express bold statements of color. If you're unsure which art style you prefer, you can approach the project by choosing works specifically oriented toward the space. Andrew Wyeth's Master Bedroom and John Rossini's A Dog's Life with their subdued hues fit in well with most decor, and the subject of both is a bedroom scene. Other works of antique art for bedrooms that work in a thematic way could include prints of Claude Monet's Sunrise or Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night.

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Another way to incorporate visual creativity into the space is by utilizing styles and choices of the Art Deco bedroom. The geometric lines and shapes of Art Deco style provide opportunity for a large statement piece or several small pieces of collectible bedroom art that reflect the elegance of the movement. Whether you're a fan of the poster art or fascinating flora and fauna prints created by these artists, choosing an Art Deco bedroom print or painting is a timeless and unique style choice. Prints of Charles Loupot's Coty Advertisement and Erte's fashion designs have an intriguing artistic presence. Other options include silent-movie posters or works by Tamara de Lempicka and Robert and Sonia Delaunay, whose use of harmonic color is especially alluring in their Cubist paintings.

When purchasing art for bedrooms, the selection of artistic styles and artists gives you the platform to find just the right work for your taste and decorative needs. Whether you enjoy subtle tones, bold color, or the timeless beauty of a simple black-and-white print, you'll enjoy browsing our sellers' plentiful options.

Fresh and bright, moody and emotive, stark and monochrome - which type of bedroom art complements your bedroom decor?

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