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Book prints are a fantastic method of adding character to a room. They are an excellent way to indulge your love of art at prices that even a college student can afford. Regardless of their subject, art prints from books create the impression that the owner is well-read and intelligent.

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These days, making book prints is easy. The art in question is scanned into a computer and printed out on an appropriate medium. The buyer can then mount the print, or frame it without a mat, and hang it wherever required. The most popular contemporary form of creating computer prints is called giclee printing, which uses nozzles to spray colors onto a plate. Computer printing is rapidly superseding lithography as a method of generating book prints.

In lithography, the image is etched onto a plate made of a porous material, such as limestone. Ink is then applied to the etched lines and transferred to paper via a press. The most significant downside to this method is that as the number of replications increases, image quality decreases. The step between computer printing and lithography is a variant called photo-lithography, which uses photography to capture the image on metal plates. Before lithography, artists used many methods for making art prints from books. One of the more popular was aquatint, which was invented in France as a way to imitate the texture and softness of watercolors. Aquatint was Francisco Goya's preferred method of creating prints of his work.

Whether you prefer modern prints or vintage pieces, art prints from books make having an art collection in your home affordable. Whether your taste runs to children's book illustrations, the natural sciences, or great works of art, the vendors at AbeBooks Collectibles can help you acquire book prints that will please you and your family.

What's your preference? The cutesy world of Beatrix Potter, the realistic illustrations of Aubudon, or the edgy Victorian science fiction of H.G. Wells?

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