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Contemporary art includes a vast array of oil and watercolor paintings as well as pastels, pen-and-inks, and charcoals. However, it also encompasses an eclectic assortment of other artwork, such as framed posters, photographs, and original art that provide focal points, accents, or motifs for any room in the home or office. Contemporary wall art may appeal to the eye of the beholder, and interior design featuring these artworks can mix or match colors, media, or genres with other decor or simply satisfy personal artistic sensibilities.

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Contemporary art consists of work by living artists, many of whom have been creating valuable art since the 1960s. Contemporary fine arts such as paintings, drawings, lithographs, and etchings represent artists' conceptions of past art movements, from neoclassical to realism to abstract, but with a post-modern, 21st-century eye that gives movements new voice and appeal with today's unique artistic methods and materials.

Collectible contemporary wall art may include highly sought-after portraiture ranging from signed Alex Katz artwork in colorful, flat-field linocuts that evoke a unique blend of pop and realism to Howard J. Morgan watercolor renderings of sunbathers in the tones and brush strokes of Impressionism. Signed abstract landscapes in oil on canvas are available from contemporary Irish artist Leah Beggs, as are signed Expressionist-style landscapes in watercolor and gouache by Richard J.S. Young, and signed still life florals in graceful watercolor and pencil from Grace Rice. Contemporary art also embraces pastiche oil, watercolor, and pastel landscapes, seascapes, and still life from lesser known artists.

Other contemporary wall art incorporates a variety of original works in different media, such as silkscreens, line drawings, color-pencil sketches, ink washes, ink and graphite, and even needlework. Look for framed and unframed movie posters from 2001 to today, as well as vibrant, digitally produced inkjet giclees, including original works and contemporary reproductions. Check out a wide array of black-and-white and color photographic prints as a unique design element for rarer contemporary wall art.

What medium do you look for in contemporary art? Paper? Mixed media? Oil, watercolors, or acrylics? Pen, pencil, ink, charcoal, or pastel? Prints, posters, or photographs?

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