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Even though giraffes may be heading toward extinction, they remain one of the most popular animals for artists. Giraffe prints and other assorted animal prints are an excellent way to liven up a room. They fit in with almost any decor and enchant both adults and kids. Vintage prints are perfect for spaces that are decorated conventionally, such as living rooms or dens. Contemporary or humorous giraffe prints are perfect for bold, modern areas or children's rooms.

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While giraffes are not the most friendly animals, they're one of the most common studies for animal artists. Their height, proportions, and the unique patterning of their hides make them ideal subjects for artists' imaginations. Vintage giraffe prints taken from 19th-century lithographs based on anatomical drawings by scientists and naturalists are highly detailed. These images are often black and white or sepia-colored. A giraffe was even included in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, in the panel known as God Presenting Eve to Adam In Paradise.

Contemporary imaginings abound by artists such as Rhonda Leonard, Sharon Cummings, Julianne Black, Muktair Oladoja, and Olga Shvartsur. Modern giraffe prints include poster art, such as the work of Katie Doucette, Aubree Perrenoud, and Shawnda Craig. Contemporary giraffe prints occur in a variety of settings, such as ice skating rinks, wildlife preserves, African savannas, and even as carousel animals. Giraffe posters may feature baby giraffes and bright colors, making them ideal for children's rooms and nurseries. Many of the modern giraffe prints utilize patterns and colors far different from the animals' natural camouflage. While these do not exist in nature, they are visually arresting, making such a print an exceptional focal point for a room and a unique conversation starter.

Giraffe prints are a creative way to add warmth and humor to your home. Whether you wish to add a vintage or contemporary giraffe print to your collection, you'll find a wide array of them from sellers at AbeBooks.

Who could fail to be moved by outstanding prints of these majestic animals?

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