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Music and movie prints are some of the most iconic, memorable, and desirable pieces of art, collectible for their nostalgic, stylistic, and artistic appeal. Given the age of the two genres, each creates a unique collectible opportunity. Music prints may date back to the 1600s. They can include antique prints of engraved portraits of singers or composers or of song lyrics or sheet music. Movie prints largely include lithographic poster art dating from the early 1900s, of vintage masterpiece cinematic works, or of campy grade-B movies that, depending on subject matter, may have more value to select groups of collectors.

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Collectible music and movie prints cover an infinite array of genres, eras, and subjects. You can find antiquarian music prints of musical instruments, players, and tableaus that were a mainstay of most households from the 1700s until the advent of radio in the 1930s, or of renowned artists and composers throughout that same era. Music prints of movie halls and opera houses provide a nostalgic look at venues, while engravings of sheet music and lyrics, such as Love's Old Sweet Song (1884) or My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl (1908), tie in with the world's finest literary masterpieces.

Music and movie prints also encompass posters of movies and the stars that shone in them. Original movie posters are highly sought after, but vintage, collectible movie prints that studios issued to theaters throughout the United States and the United Kingdom give collectors original or limited edition works of art that provide vibrant accent pieces to interior decor, whether at home or work. Purchase movie prints to suit your whimsy and taste, from Mary Pickford's tough but loving portrayal of Little Annie Rooney to Robert DeNiro's disturbed but convinced Travis Bickle in Scorseses Taxi Driver. Non-commissioned movie prints, painted on canvas by artists who have an affinity for stars or genres, are often available for sale as well.

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