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Oil paintings date back centuries to Indian and Chinese artists before the artwork of the Western world developed in this medium. Oil paints are rich, bright, and vibrant, and they're amenable to different painting techniques. Artists can daub, stroke, layer, dot, swath, or chisel oil paints on canvas, using either brushes or palette knives. They can also layer oils on top of successive dry or wet layers in different viscosities.

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Oil paintings can be landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes, portraits, still life, and natural history, historical, allegorical, and religious tableaux, and genre scenes from everyday life. In other words, all people, places, and things have been the subjects of oil-based paintings. The paintings range from small 4 x 6 inch canvases to large 36 x 48 inch canvases to canvases the size of walls.

Original oil paintings from the masters of select art movements, such as Van Eyck to Rembrandt, Cole to Matisse, and Picasso to Pollock, are part of highly valued public or private collections. However, many other original oils, particularly from the 20th century, are widely available as collectibles or simply for decorative appeal. Oil paintings for sale include original and signed serial collections, like the wildlife oils of Edward Osmond, including his 1950s Animals of the World series for Oxford University Press. Collectible landscape paintings come from artists such as Dorothy Cornell and Helen Minot, depicting the varied natural beauty of California. Cityscapes include abstracts by Jean Kalisch and neo-impressionism oils by Helen Ludwig. You can find signed still life work by Phyllis Fletcher, portraits by Charles Surendorf, and historical genre by Franz von Defregger. Signed vintage oil paintings by other 20th-century artists encompass works by Edith Bromhall, Charles Wysocki, Marco Ceri, and John Lavalle.

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