Antiquarian Booksellers' Association

Upholding the highest standards in bookselling since 1906

If you're buying or selling rare books - or thinking of starting a collection - the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association is an unrivalled network of dealers there to help you.

Founded in 1906, the ABA is the oldest rare books association in the world. It is the UK's leading trade organisation for dealers in old and rare books, manuscripts, maps, print and ephemera. Members are elected on the basis of experience and integrity, and many are acknowledged world leaders in the field.

When you see the ABA badge, members pledge

  • Authenticity - the guarantee of the authenticity of all material offered for sales
  • Description - the accurate and professional identification and description of all such material
  • Disclosure - of all significant restoration and repair
  • Pricing - clear, informed and professional pricing of all material
  • Fairness - and honesty of offers to purchase

Almost 300 booksellers are members of the ABA and many of them sell on the AbeBooks marketplace where they offer the highest standards of bookselling.

AbeBooks is proud to work closely with a number of bookseller associations around the world who are dedicated to upholding high professional bookselling standards.
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