Genossenschaft der Internet-Antiquare eG (GIAQ)

Independent sellers guarantee expertise & reliability

Genossenschaft der Internet-antiquare eG (GIAQ) , based in Berlin, is a cooperative society of approximately 100 professional antiquarian booksellers founded in 2001. Their mission is to maintain and strengthen the practices and traditions of professional antiquarian booksellers. The principle of solidarity forms the basis of the society as it offers a stable framework to represent the interests of its members. Many GIAQ sellers are also members in other trade organizations such as Verband Deutscher Antiquare e.V. and/or Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V.

Since 2005, GIAQ has operated a collective online marketplace and offered software to create and interlink seller homepages to help booksellers create an individualized online shop at reasonable costs.

The society publishes an annual, collective print catalog of rare booksellers in cooperation with the Verband Deutscher Antiquare (VDA) and also supports VDA's training courses.

GIAQ is a corporate member of the bibliophile society Pirckheimer Gesellschaft e.V. and cooperates with Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft (wbg) since 2020.

GIAQ-members offer customers security by meeting these high standards:

  • Reliability and professional expertise
  • Provenance of books
  • Detailed descriptions of book conditions
  • Proper packaging and shipment of goods
  • Quick response to complaints
  • Mediation committee in case of disputes
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