12 books you'll remember if you were a child in the 1970s

Books for Children of the 70s

How many hours did you spend trying to solve your Rubik's cube? If you just groaned, you might have grown up in the 1970s. Between our Rubik's cubes, our pet rocks, our Crazy Foam bubble bath and the exciting array of available 8-track music, it's a wonder we had time for anything but fun. And that doesn't even take the greatest pastime into account - reading. Is reading ever again as full of wonder as it is during childhood? Back then, books seemed almost magic, opening doors to strange, wonderful and frightening realities. Without ever leaving the safety of our bedrooms, we were able to explore all kinds of new terrain.

If you were a child growing up in the 1970s, chances are these are some of the books you remember.

12 classic books for children of the 1970s

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