How to ship multiple orders with Veeqo

Open a Veeqo account and add a CSV store.

You only have to create a CSV store once, when you sign up with Veeqo. Your CSV store allows you to import listing and order information from AbeBooks every time you want to ship with Veeqo.

Set up shipping for multiple orders in 4 steps

Import a CSV file of multiple listings

Create a CSV file with listing information for each item you want to ship from Veeqo.

To prepare the Listings CSV file:

Sign in to your AbeBooks seller account.

Go to the My Downloads section of the Members Menu and select Request Book Report

After you receive an email that your report is ready, download your BookReportImport.csv file from AbeBooks.

Download the Veeqo Product Import Template CSV file from Veeqo.

Copy the AbeBooks Listing Attributes from the BookReportImport.csv and paste it into the corresponding Veeqo product fields in the Veeqo Import Template. Use the Product Fields & Listing Attributes table to match the column names across the two CSV files.

Product Fields & Listing Attributes

Veeqo Product FieldsAbeBooks Listing Attributes
tax_rateNot Applicable*

* Since tax_rate is not applicable to Abebooks orders, always set the value of the tax_rate to 0%.

Import a CSV file of multiple orders

Create a CSV file with the order details of each order you want to ship from Veeqo.

To prepare the Orders CSV file:

Download the Veeqo Orders Sample CSV Template from Veeqo.

Find the details of every order you want to ship. 

If you’re an AMoP user who currently processes orders over FTP, download the most recent Orders file from your Orders directory. For more information about AMoP, review Order Processing Options for Large Volume Sellers.

Copy the AbeBooks Order Attributes from your Orders file and paste it into the corresponding Veeqo Order Fields in the Veeqo Orders Sample template.

Use the Order Attributes & Order Fields table to match the column names across the two CSV files.

For example, copy the cells in the column titled “AbePOID” in the AbeBooks file and copy it into the “number” column in the Veeqo Order Sample Template.

Order Attributes & Order Fields

Veeqo Order FieldsAbeBooks Orders Attributes
skuListing ID
shipping_address_first_nameBuyer First Name
shipping_address_last_nameBuyer Last Name
shipping_address_address1Ship to Address
shipping_address_cityShip to City
shipping_address_countryShip to Country
shipping_address_stateShip to Prov/State

Once your Orders CSV file is ready, upload it to your CSV store in Veeqo.

Set up Tax IDs for international orders

Add relevant Tax IDs including your IOSS number, and relevant HS/Tariff Codes for international orders. Refer to International Shipping for more information.

Ship your orders

Go to the Orders page in Veeqo.

Enter the package weight. 

Select one of the pre-set dimensions offered by the different shipping carriers or manually enter package dimensions.

Veeqo presents quotes for the best shipping labels by taking product dimensions and weight into consideration. Select one of the quotes and pay for the shipping label.

Print your shipping label. 

For more information, refer to Veeqo’s guide on shipping your first order.

Ship individual orders with Veeqo