The Random House Book of Twentieth-Century French Poetry: With translations by American and British poets

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9780394521978: The Random House Book of Twentieth-Century French Poetry: With translations by American and British poets
Language Notes:

Text: English, French


Enigma: 1 by Anne-marie Albiach
Enigma: 2 by Anne-marie Albiach
Enigma: 4 by Anne-marie Albiach
Enigma: 9 by Anne-marie Albiach
1909 by Guillaume Apollinaire
Always; To Madame Faure-favier by Guillaume Apollinaire
Autumn by Guillaume Apollinaire
Autumn Malade by Guillaume Apollinaire
Dusk; To Mademoiselle Marie Laurencin by Guillaume Apollinaire
Five Poems Of Guillaume Apollinaire: Ii. Annie by Guillaume Apollinaire
Hunting Horns by Guillaume Apollinaire
The Little Car by Guillaume Apollinaire
Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire
The Pretty Redhead by Guillaume Apollinaire
Zone by Guillaume Apollinaire
The Lilacs And The Roses by Louis Aragon
Poem To Shout In The Ruins by Louis Aragon
Tapestry Of The Great Fear by Louis Aragon
Tcheliabtraktrostroi Waltz, Sels by Louis Aragon
The Unoccupied Zone by Louis Aragon
All Writing Is Garbage by Antonin Artaud
Correspondence Of The Mummy by Antonin Artaud
Description Of A Physical State by Antonin Artaud
Manifesto In Clear Language; For Roger Vitrac by Antonin Artaud
The Panes Of Sound by Antonin Artaud
What I Lack Is Words That Correspond To Each Minute by Antonin Artaud
Where Others Present Their Works, I Claim To Do No More by Antonin Artaud
Blood, The Note B by Yves Bonnefoy
Imperfection Is The Summit by Yves Bonnefoy
Place Of The Salamander by Yves Bonnefoy
Quiet, For We Too Are Of The Night by Yves Bonnefoy
The Ravine by Yves Bonnefoy
The Same Voice, Still by Yves Bonnefoy
The Tree, The Lamp by Yves Bonnefoy
True Name by Yves Bonnefoy
Utmost Hour %cut Off From Everything, Now by Yves Bonnefoy
A Voice by Yves Bonnefoy
What Word Springs Up Beside Me by Yves Bonnefoy
A Branch Of Nettle Enters Through The Window by Andre Breton
Lethal Relief by Andre Breton
The Marquis De Sade Regained The Interior Of ... Volcano by Andre Breton
No Grounds For Prosecution by Andre Breton
On The Road To San Romano by Andre Breton
Postman Cheval by Andre Breton
Shoot It, Pass It by Andre Breton
Sunflower by Andre Breton
Beyond by Aime Cesaire
Have No Mercy by Aime Cesaire
Perdition by Aime Cesaire
Prophecy by Aime Cesaire
Sentence by Aime Cesaire
Serpent Sun Eye Bewitching My Eye by Aime Cesaire
Convergence Of The Many by Rene Char
Every Life, As It Dawns, Kills One Of The Injured by Rene Char
Faction Du Muet by Rene Char
Fighters by Rene Char
Lightning Victory by Rene Char
The Lords Of Maussane by Rene Char
Room In Space by Rene Char
Septentrion by Rene Char
To - by Rene Char
To The Health Of The Serpent by Rene Char
The Great Book by Jean-paul De Dadelsen
Jonah's Canticle by Jean-paul De Dadelsen
Poplars And Aspens by Jean-paul De Dadelsen
Psalm by Jean-paul De Dadelsen
Brain-cry by Jean Daive
The Country Of Metamorphoses by Rene Daumal
Jesus Before Pilate by Rene Daumal
Poetry And Thought by Rene Daumal
Revolution In Summertime by Rene Daumal
Sad Little Round Of Life by Rene Daumal
The Skin Of Light Enveloping This World Lacks Depth by Rene Daumal
Alluvium Of Cries Ore Of Swallows by Michel Deguy
The Eyes by Michel Deguy
It's Between Ourselves by Michel Deguy
O Great Apposition Of The World by Michel Deguy
The Wall Is Massive, Of Solid Stone, Hard, Finished by Michel Deguy
When The Wind Sacks The Village by Michel Deguy
You by Michel Deguy
Because In Destroying He Creates by Alain Delahaye
Broad Meadow by Alain Delahaye
The Hill, The Frenzy by Alain Delahaye
The Intense Landscape by Alain Delahaye
Logic by Alain Delahaye
Two Landscapes, Gramar by Alain Delahaye
Already, The World Is Far Behind by Philippe Denis
Earth - As Though I Had Entered by Philippe Denis
Moored To Your Blood by Philippe Denis
On The Butterly's Wings - Engraved by Philippe Denis
A Star %there In The Unlivable Heart by Philippe Denis
To Live In The Way One Breathes by Philippe Denis
Cuckoo by Robert Desnos
Epitaph by Robert Desnos
I Have Dreamed Of You So Much That You Are No Longer Real by Robert Desnos
Lying Down by Robert Desnos
Midway by Robert Desnos
No, Love Is Not Dead by Robert Desnos
The Voice Of Robert Desnos by Robert Desnos
The Light Of The Blade by Andre Du Bouchet
Postponement by Andre Du Bouchet
The White Motor by Andre Du Bouchet
Gripped By The Dread Of The Unspoken by Jacques Dupin
I Am Forbidden To Stop To See by Jacques Dupin
Let Us Salute What Delivers Us by Jacques Dupin
Mineral Kingdom by Jacques Dupin
My Body, You Will Not Fill The Ditch by Jacques Dupin
The Only Beating Remains %of A Small Desirable Agony by Jacques Dupin
Opened In A Few Words by Jacques Dupin
Thirst by Jacques Dupin
Waiting With Lowered Voice by Jacques Dupin
The Wave Of Limestone And The White Of Wind by Jacques Dupin
The Boulevard Unfurls And Yawns by Leon Paul Fargue
A Fragrance Of Night, Not To Be Defined by Leon Paul Fargue
In A Quarter Made Drowsy By The Odor Of Its Gardens by Leon Paul Fargue
In Yellow Towns Against A Stormy Sky by Leon Paul Fargue
Nocturne by Leon Paul Fargue
On The Body They Found Some Letters by Leon Paul Fargue
Tumult by Leon Paul Fargue
Child's Blackness by Jean Follain
Dog With Schoolboys by Jean Follain
The Egg by Jean Follain
End Of A Century by Jean Follain
Eve by Jean Follain
The Evening Suit by Jean Follain
Evenings Of Ink by Jean Follain
Landscape Of A Child On His Way To The Place Of The Rehgents by Jean Follain
Life by Jean Follain
October Thoughts by Jean Follain
Voluntary Mutilation by Jean Follain
Epitaph by Andre Frenaud
Hateful Poetry My Love by Andre Frenaud
House For Sale by Andre Frenaud
I Have Never Forgotten You by Andre Frenaud
There Is No Paradise; For Dylan Thomas by Andre Frenaud
To Drink To Friends by Andre Frenaud
Useless Machine by Andre Frenaud
(once More Time Withdraws) by Roger Giroux
(queen Of Going, Long Ago) by Roger Giroux
(this Memolry Moves Among The Days) by Roger Giroux
And Perhaps Words Are Pure Appearances by Roger Giroux
A Bird, When It Moves Out To Sea by Roger Giroux
The Center Is Black by Roger Giroux
Far %like A Thread by Roger Giroux
It Was Before Spoken Things by Roger Giroux
Lost Beauty Does Not Despair by Roger Giroux
Naked %come Shivering by Roger Giroux
The Sinuous Wooded Outline Of A Hill by Roger Giroux
Surface Of No Sound: Seabird, Birch by Roger Giroux
Touched With The Lips by Roger Giroux
Confections by Eugene Grindel
The Deaf And The Blind by Eugene Grindel
From The Depth Of The Abyss by Eugene Grindel
Hunted by Eugene Grindel
The Invention by Eugene Grindel
Lady Love by Eugene Grindel
Liberty by Eugene Grindel
Out Of Sight In The Direction Of My Body by Eugene Grindel
Second Nature: 5 by Eugene Grindel
Be Fair: If You Weren't There by Eugene Guillevic
A Cabinet by Eugene Guillevic
Eternity %never Was Lost by Eugene Guillevic
Face by Eugene Guillevic
The Flame by Eugene Guillevic
A Hammer by Eugene Guillevic
Let Me Get Up Early On This Summer Morning by Eugene Guillevic
The Sea, A Nothingness by Eugene Guillevic
Spain by Eugene Guillevic
Anno Aetatis Xxxv; For Claude Royet-journoud by Emmanuel Hocquard
Of A Sea-born Aphrodite by Emmanuel Hocquard
The Thracian Spies Lay Sleeping Beside The Ships by Emmanuel Hocquard
Three Mortal Tales by Emmanuel Hocquard
Answer To A Letter; God Is Born Of Immortal Desire To Die by Edmond Jabes
Fall And Exile by Edmond Jabes
Black Cascade Suspended by Philippe Jaccottet
Dawn by Philippe Jaccottet
Flowers Colored Blue by Philippe Jaccottet
I Walk by Philippe Jaccottet
Perfect Calm Sketched Afar by Philippe Jaccottet
A Sowing Of Tears %on The Changed Face by Philippe Jaccottet
The Vigil by Philippe Jaccottet
Weight Of Stones, Weight Of Thoughts by Philippe Jaccottet
Where Earth Ends by Philippe Jaccottet
Winter Moon by Philippe Jaccottet
The Beggar Woman Of Naples by Max Jacob
The Bibliophile by Max Jacob
Centaur by Max Jacob
Declamatory Poem by Max Jacob
In The Hill Country by Max Jacob
The Key by Max Jacob
Literary Manners 1 by Max Jacob
Literary Manners 2 by Max Jacob
Literature And Poetry by Max Jacob
Miracles Real Miracles by Max Jacob
My Life by Max Jacob
Poem by Max Jacob
The Rue Ravignan by Max Jacob
The Wallpaper Of Mr. R.k. by Max Jacob
After The Flood by Pierre Jean Jouve
For White Skin Is An Idiom Of Night by Pierre Jean Jouve
Gravida by Pierre Jean Jouve
A Lone Woman Asleep by Pierre Jean Jouve
To Himself by Pierre Jean Jouve
A Walk by Pierre Jean Jouve
We Have Amazed By Our Great Sufferings by Pierre Jean Jouve
When by Pierre Jean Jouve
White Haunches by Pierre Jean Jouve
Work Is A Gulf. Oh Protect Me From That Self by Pierre Jean Jouve
Alma Perdida by Valery Larbaud
The Gift Of Oneself by Valery Larbaud
The Mask by Valery Larbaud
Music After Reading by Valery Larbaud
My Muse by Valery Larbaud
November Morning Near Abingdon by Valery Larbaud
Ode by Valery Larbaud
Anabasis: 7 by Marie Rene Auguste Alexis Saint-leger Leger
Birds: 8 by Marie Rene Auguste Alexis Saint-leger Leger
Exile: 7 by Marie Rene Auguste Alexis Saint-leger Leger
Poem For Valery Larbaud by Marie Rene Auguste Alexis Saint-leger Leger
Snows: 4 by Marie Rene Auguste Alexis Saint-leger Leger
Black Banderillas by Robert Marteau
Down There by Robert Marteau
The Metamorphosis Of Lovers by Robert Marteau
Salamander by Robert Marteau
Stele by Robert Marteau
Unnamed Always Is The World, Outside Of Us by Robert Marteau
I Am Writing To You From A Far-off Country by Henri Michaux
Intervention by Henri Michaux
My Occupations by Henri Michaux
Repose In Calamity by Henri Michaux
Simplicity by Henri Michaux
Tomorrow by Henri Michaux
H by Oscar Vladislas De Lubicz- Milosz
King Don Luis by Oscar Vladislas De Lubicz- Milosz
L'etrangere by Oscar Vladislas De Lubicz- Milosz
Strophes by Oscar Vladislas De Lubicz- Milosz
When She Comes - Will Her Eyes Go Green, Gray by Oscar Vladislas De Lubicz- Milosz
Louis Xvi Goes To The Guillotine by Benjamin Peret
Making Feet And Hands by Benjamin Peret
On All Fours by Benjamin Peret
Song In The Time Of Drought by Benjamin Peret
Black by Marcelin Pleynet
It's Always The Same Word by Marcelin Pleynet
The New Republic by Marcelin Pleynet
Of Coal by Marcelin Pleynet
These Mornings %here Is True Color by Marcelin Pleynet
Where The Light Comes To Rest' by Marcelin Pleynet
The Candle by Francis Ponge
Fauna And Flora by Francis Ponge
Introduction To The Pebble by Francis Ponge
The Pleasures Of The Door by Francis Ponge
Rain by Francis Ponge
Rhetoric by Francis Ponge
And The Fete Continues by Jacques Prevert
Barbara by Jacques Prevert
The Dunce by Jacques Prevert
The Last Supper by Jacques Prevert
Pater Noster by Jacques Prevert
The Human Species Has Given Me %the Right To Be Mortal by Raymond Queneau
If You Imagine by Raymond Queneau
Poor Fellow by Raymond Queneau
The Seyes by Raymond Queneau
Sines by Raymond Queneau
Toward A Poetic Art by Raymond Queneau
Clear Winter by Pierre Reverdy
Endless Journeys by Pierre Reverdy
Flower Market by Pierre Reverdy
For The Moment by Pierre Reverdy
Inn by Pierre Reverdy
The Invasion by Pierre Reverdy
Live Flesh by Pierre Reverdy
Love Again by Pierre Reverdy
Memory by Pierre Reverdy
Perspective by Pierre Reverdy
Waterfall by Pierre Reverdy
Eros Possessed by Denis Roche
(drowning) by Jacques Roubaud
The Best Thing Would Be To Change by Jacques Roubaud
I Dream You're Smiling by Jacques Roubaud
Oakland Rose Garden; For M. & E. Granich by Jacques Roubaud
Small Sieve For Nuggets Small by Jacques Roubaud
Sun Noise Sun Hot by Jacques Roubaud
Time Flees Time, Time Is Like A Larva by Jacques Roubaud
You Are Safe Inside Death You Will Never See by Jacques Roubaud
Ate by Claude Royet-journoud
The Crowded Circle by Claude Royet-journoud
Clearings by Frederic Sauser
The Head by Frederic Sauser
Homage To Guillaume Apollinaire by Frederic Sauser
In The World's Heart; Found Fragment by Frederic Sauser
Me Too Boogie by Frederic Sauser
Nineteen Elastic Poems: 13. At The 5 Corners by Frederic Sauser
On The Way To Dakar by Frederic Sauser
Orion by Frederic Sauser
Sputterings by Frederic Sauser
Stop Press by Frederic Sauser
Badcraftsmen by Victor Segalen
Hidden Name by Victor Segalen
I Am Told: You Must Not Marry Her by Victor Segalen
Mongol Libation by Victor Segalen
To That Person Who Arrives Here Despite Detours by Victor Segalen
To The Ten Thousand Years by Victor Segalen
Written In Blood by Victor Segalen
Comrade by Philippe Soup...

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