Elsevier's Periodic Table of the Elements: 10 Walcharts

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9780444426536: Elsevier's Periodic Table of the Elements: 10 Walcharts
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This educational wall chart features the periodic table of the elements supported by a wealth of chemical, physical, thermodynamical, geochemical and radiochemical data laid down in numerous colourful graphs, plots, figures and tables. The most important chemical and physical properties of the elements can be found - without turning a page. All properties are presented in the form of tables or graphs. More than 40 properties are given, ranging from melting point and heat capacity to atomic radius, nuclear spin, electrical resistivity and abundance in the solar system. Sixteen of the most important properties are colour coded, so that they may be followed through the periodic system at a glance. Twelve properties have been selected to illustrate periodicity, while separate plots illustrate the relation between properties. In addition, there are special sections dealing with units, fundamental constants and particles, radioisotopes, the Aufbau principle, etc. All data on the chart are fully referenced, and S.I. units are used throughout. Designed specifically for university and college undergraduates and high school students, ``Elsevier's Periodic Table of the Elements'' will also be of practical value to professionals in the fields of fundamental and applied physical sciences and technology. The wall chart is ideally suited for self-study and may be used as a complementary reference for textbook study and exam preparation. List of Chemical and Physical Properties presented on the Chart atomic number standard atomic weight ground-state electronic configuration element symbol element name discoverer and year of discovery melting point boiling point critical temperature molar enthalpy of atomization molar enthalpy of fusion molar enthalpy of vaporization atomic energy levels of the outermost three orbitals formal oxidation states selection of standard reduction potentials first molar ionization energy second molar ionization energy third molar ionization energy Pauling electronegativity Allred-Rochow electronegativity molar electron affinity molar volume crystal structures polymorphic transition temperatures atomic radius effective ionic radii volumic mass (density) electrical resistivity thermal conductivity abundance in the solar system abundance in the Orgueil meteorite abundance in the solar photosphere abundance in the continental crust abundance in the primitive mantle abundance in the oceanic crust naturally occurring isotopes: mass number and representative isotopic composition molar heat capacity Debye temperature coefficient of linear thermal expansion price annual mining production world ...Other information presented on the chart introduction and key Aufbau principle: quantum numbers, orbitals and sequence of orbital filling trivial group names drawings of crystal lattice structures 12 plots of a chemical/physical property against atomic number 9 plots of a property against another property list of SI units and SI prefixes list of other units and their conversion to SI list of fundamental physical constants scheme of fundamental particles list of radioisotopes with half-life longer than 5 days, presenting half-life and mode(s) of decay, indicating cosmogenic isotopes and isotopes produced by U-235 fission, as well as radioisotopes used in geochronology, pharmacology and nuclear medicine

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The entire chart is a madly rich challenge to students from high school on and full of information useful to professionals. This dazzlingly intricate poster, chiefly well-rounded truth and not mere human opinion, deserves to spread its amusing surfeit of learning across many a wall.
Scientific American

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