Michael D. Tuttle Practical Business Math

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Practical Business Math

9780697124500: Practical Business Math
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Emphasizing consumer maths instead of corporate maths, this book covers all relevant and timely aspects occurring in business.

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The eighth edition of Practical Business Math: An Applications Approach continues the successful format of previous editions with an added emphasis on the integrated presentation that makes teaching and learning easier. This emphasis is sure to improve student understanding of business math topics. The explanation, example, exercise, assignment, and mastery test format has been continued. This format is enhanced with a complete cross-reference system of chapter objectives, student mastery test answers, essential calculator keystroke solutions, and topic page location. Clearly identified chapter objectives, practical small business examples, and understandable explanations make Practical Business Math an excellent learning tool.

We live in a global economy. New and developing businesses are providing challenging opportunities for those prepared to compete in the world of business. Practical Business Math prepares the student for the dramatic changes that are taking place and those that are yet unannounced. The practical nature of the presentation, the realistic business scenarios, the problem-solving techniques, and the measurement of success prepare the student for additional courses in business and the world of work. About This Book

Practical Business Math uses the fundamental tools of basic arithmetic to solve everyday business problems. You may select Practical Business Math, Brief Edition (chapters 1-17), or you may select Practical Business Math, Standard Edition (chapters 1-23).

Each chapter in Practical Business Math consistently follows this format:

Chapter Objectives list the specific goals so students know what is expected. The page reference is provided for easy location of the instructional material.

Sport-A-Merica is a case study that illustrates real-world use of math skills in a business setting. Some specific problems are introduced here and solved in the chapter examples.

Explanation-Example-Exercise format provides clear explanation immediately followed by an illustrative example. Exercises are practice problems designed to reinforce the topics just learned. This material is organized around the chapter objectives. This easy to-follow format facilitates the learning process.

Assignments check the student's understanding of the concepts covered in the chapter and are divided into skill problems, business application problems, and a challenge problem. All sets of problems are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Answers to the odd-numbered problems are given in the back of the book and essential keystroke solutions are given in the instructor's edition.

Mastery Test is designed for take-home or in-class examination. The answers to all mastery test problems are in the back of the book.

Chapter 23 provides a review for the student. Fifty problems are keyed to the chapter/page where the concept is introduced.

Writing Across the Curriculum is integrated into assignment and mastery test problems in all chapters. Students are expected to provide answers to some problems in sentence form.

Suggested Classroom Time and Perceived Difficulty bar graphs are included in all chapter openings in the Instructor's Edition to aid in planning. This will assist you in determining the amount of time needed for each of the chapters in the course.

Margin Notations for the instructor and the student are found in all chapters. The notations for the instructor (in the annotated instructor's editions only) will provide additional information that may be useful to introduce topics to the class. The notations to the student (in both the student and annotated instructor's editions) are in the form of alerts, warnings, and reminders to watch for possible errors in solving problems and to clarify misconceptions.

Essential keystrokes are included in the Annotated Instructor's Edition (shown within parentheses in italics). These keystrokes will provide the important values to solve exercises and problems and possibly aid in the instruction process.

Answers to all exercises and problems are shown in the Annotated Instructor's Edition in boldfaced color and italics. Answers to all exercises and odd-numbered Skill and Business Application problems are provided in the back of the student edition. Answers along with essential keystroke solutions and the chapter objective for all end-of-chapter Mastery Tests in the student edition are also shown in the back of the book. The answer to the first exercise is shown along with the essential keystrokes in the student edition.

The Annotated Instructor's Edition of the text places all of the information that you will need for the classroom in a single source. There is no need to carry several items to class and refer from one to the other to lecture, to provide salient comments, and to give detailed solutions to exercises and problems. No more need to fumble around. It is all right here, in this one item! New to This Edition

All material in each chapter has been updated to include the most recent business practices such as international business scenarios, where applicable, and government regulations, including the minimum wage law changes, payroll tax deductions, and income taxes regulations.

In addition, the chapter on Insurance has been enhanced on the topic of life insurance, including discussion of universal life and variable life. The basis of life insurance rates is explained.

The chapter on Payroll includes an expanded coverage on the topic of F.U.T.A. and state unemployment taxes for the employer.

The chapter on Business Measurements addresses the Euro as a measure of exchange and measure of economic activity.

This edition introduces the term amount in the chapter newly titled "Percent." The use of this term will clarify the confusion that surrounds the use of words such as percentage, piece, part, or rate. The term amount has been class-tested and has proven to be successful.

The chapter on Installment Loans has been moved ahead of the chapter on Consumer Credit for improved understanding.

Algebriac solutions have been placed in the margin in the chapters on Percent and Markup to aid those who prefer an alternative approach.

A Note about the
Sport-A-Merica Case

Though Sport-A-Merica, Inc. is a fictional business, it is based on an actual store operated in the Midwest. The case is designed to provide the student with a scenario of the day-to-day problems faced by small-business owners. The case, introduced chapter by chapter, discusses business problems that pertain specifically to the major emphasis in each chapter. One or more business problems are introduced in each chapter's case discussion. Later, as the chapter material is presented, the problems are solved as part of the worked examples. This will draw the student into the reality of the case and the application of math to business. The chapter can also be presented by itself, without the case. Supplements for the Instructor

The Annotated Instructor's Edition of Practical Business Math provides a complete supplemental package designed to reduce preparatory work. The teaching aids in this package are extensive and will enhance classroom activity and learning. The Annotated Instructor's Edition provides: Answers to all problems at the location of the exercise or problem. Essential keystrokes for all exercises, problems, and Mastery Tests at their location to assist in the instruction process. Suggested Classroom Time bar graph in each chapter to assist in determining where to spend the most amount of classroom time in the course. Perceived Student Difficulty bar graph in each chapter to indicate the areas of the material that have historically been more difficult for students. Margin Notations that contain additional information that can be used to enhance the classroom instruction and separately boxed helpful warnings, alerts, and reminders for students.

The Instructor's Resource Section provides:

A Chapter Interdependencies table that demonstrates the interrelationship of each chapter to the other chapters in the book. This table is very useful for planning purposes, especially for new or adjunct faculty. A set of four suggested course outlines that emphasize different areas of study. These outlines will assist in planning which chapters to use in a course outline or syllabus. A set of transparency/copy masters that includes the various tables that students would use on tests. These perforated pages can be removed from the book for reproduction purposes. They are ready to copy! Mastery Tests A, B, and C in a tear-out ready-to-use form. A Final Exam consisting of fifty questions that cover the entire text in a tear-out ready-to-use form.

PH Custom Test for Windows

A computerized Test Item File (PH Custom Test for Windows) contains 2,200 problems (100 per chapter covering all of the chapter objectives). The problem types include:
—Objective (multiple choice)
—Business Application

Test Item File
The Test Item File, a printed version of the PH Custom Test for Windows, is also available. This visual tool will assist you in selecting questions you may wish to include on a test. Ask your representative for details.

Companion Website
Invite your students to investigate the Companion Website at prenhall/tuttle for additional preparation using another vehicle for learning. TO THE STUDENT

This book is all about taking very basic math and applying that math to everyday business problems. This is realistic, practical material for future business managers.

If you are one of many people who never felt strong in math, don't feel threatened by this book. This book has been used successfully by business students for more than twenty years. It has a proven track record for making the subjects understandable. The easy-to-follow explanations, worked examples, and exercises work together to help you learn the material without overdoing it! You are first introduced to a bite-size concept, shown how it works, and then you have a chance to put the concept to use. Once you understand that concept, you can move on to the next concept. At the end of the chapter is an assignment section of mixed problems. You can find out how you are doing on the problems at any point by comparing your answers to the answers in the back of the book. There you will also find the essential calculator keystrokes to the Student Mastery Test as well as the objective for the problem. This will allow you to refer back to the part of the chapter that will give you the review you need before you take your test from the instructor. There is even a review chapter to get you ready for the final exam!

As you ready yourself for this course, take the few minutes necessary to learn how this book is designed to make you successful in Business Math.

Each chapter opens with a discussion about a business called Sport-A-Merica. In this discussion, some background is provided and a problem is introduced. These are worth reading to give you a feeling of the practical nature of the chapter material. The objectives for the chapter and the page where they appear are shown on the first page of the chapter. This will give you a good cross-reference to use when reviewing the chapter material. Look for the notations in the margin in the chapter. These questions, helpful hints, and' warnings will help you solve problems, avoid potential errors, and clarify possible misconceptions. You will also notice business forms located within the chapter. These are business forms of actual companies. They will give you the exposure to the forms that you will use on the job. The chapter is set up to introduce a topic, show an example, and give you an opportunity to practice on some exercises. This piece of the chapter is completed right there in one place. You can assure yourself that you understand the material by checking your answers in the back of the book. You can then go on to the next piece of the chapter. At the end of the chapter you will find the Assignment Section. The problems are arranged in three levels. The Skill problems are similar to those that you completed in the exercises. The Business Application problems are presented in a sentence form. The last problem in the chapter is a Challenge Problem. This problem will be the most difficult problem in the chapter and will challenge you! Answers to the odd-numbered problems are found in the back of the book. Check over your work to see how you are doing. This is a text/workbook. Its design provides adequate room for you to work the exercises and problems in the book. There is no need to carry an extra notebook. At the end of the chapter is a mastery test. This test is a combination of all of the problems in the chapter. It is a good review of the chapter in preparation for the test that your instructor will give you.

This design is used throughout the book. It is a proven approach to learning business math.

Your approach to using this book will make a difference in your academic success. Though your instructor may have some specific instructions for you to follow in the course, you should also consider the following:

Read the chapter prior to the class session that will discuss the material. You will have an idea of the topic, a feel for the material, and probably some questions to ask. You may even decide to try a few of the exercises prior to the class session. When your instructor presents the chapter material, you will have a second presentation of the topic. This may clear up the questions that you had when you read the chapter by yourself. If questions remain, now is the time to ask. Do the Assignment Section of the chapter thoroughly. The practice will build confidence and identify any additional questions that you may need to review from the chapter material. Go back to the first page of the chapter. Look at each of the objectives listed on the page. Are you able to do each of the objectives? Do you feel confident that you can pass a test that covers all of the objectives? If you are sure that you understand the chapter material, take the Mastery Test at the end of the chapter without looking back in the chapter for help. You can then check your answers in the back of the book to confirm your understanding. How much time should you spend doing all of this? What is normal? A good place to start is to spend two hours outside of class for every hour that you spend in class. If you do that for yourself, you will probably do the best job academically that you can do. Don't assume that because the arithmetic in this course is very basic that the material is equally easy. This course deals with everyday business activities. Many people who have taken courses similar to this one are doing those activities. They are successful because they learned this material. You can be successful also. Acknowledgments

The creation of a new edition requires the input from many sources. The eighth edition of Practical Business Math reflects suggestions and comments from students, adopters, and reviewers.

Additional thanks go to the many instructors who suggested improvements and volunteered valuable suggestions and the many students, especially my own, who provided suggestions to further improve this book.

The four individuals who reviewed this edition deserve a special note of appreciation for their diligent and focused efforts:

Mary Young Bowers, College of Eastern Utah
Dr. James Farris, Golden West College (California)
Arthur Migala
Tom Wiener, Iowa Central Communit

From the Back Cover:

An Applications Approach, EIGHTH EDITION covers arithmetic-based business math text with practical information and examples. This new edition includes expanded coverage of insurance and unemployment taxes as well as information on the Euro as a measure of exchange and of economic activity.

Features of this user-friendly text include:

  • Explanation — Example — Exercise format presents the material, applies the concept, and then provides practice
  • Hints and Cautions for new learners
  • Varying levels of assignments for the practice and application of the concepts presented in the text
  • Five appendices: Calculator Selection and Operation, Math Shortcuts, Math of Computers, Employment Math Test, and Reading Market Quotations
  • A Companion Website with additional practice problems

In addition, the text contains a case study centered on a fictional business, Sport-A-Merica, which integrates math concepts into a real-world scenario. Each chapter starts with a Sport-A-Merica vignette and contains business problems that are solved as part of the worked examples in each chapter.

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