Journal Of An African American Medicine Woman

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9780967329802: Journal Of An African American Medicine Woman
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"Journal of an African American Medicine Woman" is a CD talking book in the tradition of the story teller. The Journal shares the author's spiritual quest to settle the question of her identity as a descendant of ancient people; the Africans. Her quest takes her to the edge of their mystical world of knowledge where she is nearly lost. It is here in this place of vision quest where the ancients reveal their displeasure with the affairs of their African American descendants. Through the Journal she also relives her distress over the devastating nature of racism, sexism and caste systems; the social and biological relationships between Black and White Americans; and the destruction of the earth and woman, both bearers of humanity.

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About the Author:

I Murphy is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator and Director of a program that helps young people explore their culture, potential and personal vision. She is devoted to educating all people on the catastrophic impact to individuals and societies in promoting racism, sexism and other forms of ignorance.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

I used to just hate being on this planet. It's an unreasonable place. Prejudice usurps intelligence here. Opinion supplants investigative thought. Fanatics have much sway. Females, the bearer's of humanity, are victims of a pathological, virulent, gendercide acutely infecting the world's citizens. Men perpetrate war while women and children suffer it. Adults disrupt the sanctity of childhood. Animals, plant and other life forms are routinely destroyed with little consideration for the consequences. People who try to do the right thing are publicly criticized, spat on, arrested, jailed, shunned, killed. Truly, the last have insinuated themselves into first and relegated the first to last. The global proportion of human and ecological suffering caused by dishonest thinking, agendized people is just too much for a soul to bear. There were times when I begged God to pull me out of this pit. I am sure that the creator heard my fervent prayers but decided that I should stay. I had to concede that there was a reason and that it must be a merciful one, for although the Creator is unfathomable, I believe in the pure loving nature of God. And so I eventually learned that everyone has a purpose in being here and it is each person's mission to discover and fulfill their life purpose and vision. But societal conditions like poverty, caste systems, racism, sexism, war restrict populations of people from fulfilling their life vision. When individuals are restricted, the entire planet is restricted in its potential for advancement. Women all over the world, for example, are restricted from fulfilling the vision assigned them. Women represent over half the world's population, which means that the world benefits from only a fraction of its potential due to this oppression and suppression of talent based on the evil of prejudice and superstition against women. Racism is another evil inhibiting the world's advancement. I once substitute taught for an urban school district in the Los Angeles area. There, in that socially and economically oppressed community, I experienced children who beamed raw talent and concentrated intelligence. Some of our country's greatest human resources are wasted in America's ghettos and reservations. Cures for disease, scientific discoveries, innovative leadership locked within the genes of children who will not be given the opportunity to express their mission because they are incarcerated behind the doors of racism, sexism, and poverty. As I thought about life on and beyond the planet, I wondered why I was here. What was the reason for my being? What's up with the planetary-wide suffering? What's on the other side of existence? Our lives hold great mysteries and my interest in them helped me to discover aspects of my purpose and spiritual destiny. I have always known that adventures in self exist beyond material perception and I longed to explore them. I couldn't consent to the popular version of reality simply. And why would I? In the natural order of progression, successive generations have greater insights into the reality of their days and the times for which they were born to serve. This is the guidance system. The guidance systems is vision and the vision is our connection to the spiritual reality from which all other realities spring. My vision took me into the future and far back to the African ancestors and their lives before their encounter with the slave traders. I wondered what the ancient Africans were really like. The Europeans were amazed by the physical prowess of the Africans encountered during the slave trading era, which is part of the reason they likened them to animals. They had never before seen such healthy physically sound people. The slave traders weren't interested in the sound nature of their minds and cultures. With the assistance of the Arabs, the European slave traders were able to strike decisive blows against the Africans. By this time the African Empires had declined from their height and were no longer the dominating forces they once were. I yearned to know what they, those ancient people, were like. Since the truth about African and the African ancestors had been re-written to justify their destruction, how would I connect with the truth about who they were and who we are? Well, I don't believe in the conventional sense of death. I believe that people resume their natural life form after their journey here has completed. Hence, I wondered if I could connect with the ancestors in their world. Not in some spooky, freaky, trance-induced way but in a way that made sense and didn't involve chicken blood or weird behavior. How to go about exploring the mysteries of multi-dimensional life was a big question. I knew that the answers didn't lie with superstition or other forms of ignorance, but rather with the science of life. And I believed that the ancient ones knew a thing or two about the science of life. For me, the mystery of Africa is the mystery of time and space. I see them all in me and me in them.

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