The ENTERNET: Trapped Inside a WEB: Can you escape? Do you want to?

9781475122084: The ENTERNET: Trapped Inside a WEB: Can you escape? Do you want to?

THE ENTERNET: Trapped Inside A WEB, is a futuristic thriller about Brian Masters, a detective who pursues a web-traveling serial killer only to find that he and the killer are both pawns of Klemm Teegs, the falsely-imprisoned technical mastermind behind the invention of society's cybertravel infrastructure. Aided by the expertise of a mysterious woman known to him only as The Mark, Masters must now save society from total ruin by preventing Teegs from enacting his vengeful and fanatical plan to destroy the infrastructure...or is society already doomed by the nature of the infrastructure itself? The ENTERNET: Trapped Inside A WEB combines science, politics, romance, horror, suspense, futuristic elements, and modern themes of terrorism, overindulgence, political brainwashing, self centeredness, and the “me-ism” of modern times to deal with the greatest issue facing mankind – is man weaker of stronger because of our technological advancements? The story begins with a historical flashback illustrating how the PORTAL and WEB Travel came into existence. Beginning with the Tannenbauer lawsuit and the terrorist attacks of 2026 due to decreased airport security, the need for a safer form of transportation is in need. These more serious attacks leads to an economic crash and the world enters a serious depression for years. The years pass and KLEMM TEEGS comes up with a plan to help “save the world” from its current downtrodden state of affairs – personal, safe, and untouchable internet travel...via the Internet. By breaking the human body down atomically, the PORTAL sends the body through the WEB at breakneck speed, so fast the user never knows he is being torn apart into billions of atoms to be reconfigured anywhere else in the world within seconds. Once he successfully hatches a successful series of transfers, Teegs invites his collegiate friend, EDWIN ROMERO into the fold, letting him in on his secret. Romero, has aspirations of his own and decides that Teegs’ invention means more than just a remedy for the world’s problems and a rebuilding of the economy. Push comes to shove and with some governmental “help,” Romero manages to get Teegs falsely imprisoned and take sole proprietorship over the portal. Fifteen years later and Teegs has been released from prison. Romero, a Senator himself, aims for the presidency, and the world is now one of Internet transfers and America is wealthier than ever. But is it safer and is man better for it or further distanced from what made man great in the first place? Will man, rediscover his nature?

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About the Author:

Alan Dale is a long-time journalist who has won seven national awards and is currently completing DNA: Code Flesh, his second book. His first book, The Enternet, is currently available via on demand, and is available via Amazon Kindle. He has written on news topics and sports in the newspaper business since he was 14 and has been printed over 10,000 times. This book is penned under the name of "Arden" out of respect for the author's deceased father. All future publishings will be listed under Alan Dale. He has been approached to work on scripts, but currently is dedicated to finishing DNA and begin works on his Nigel (Vampires and more) Trilogy, 24=1M (Futuristic Thriller), Resurrection of Game (Young Adult Series), Serene Field (paranormal), Hellearth Chronicles (Fantasy/Religion series) and the Cause and Effect Trilogy (Psychological). He has been dogged in his pursuit but so far Hollywood has not bit the apple he has offered. Maybe with your help, he can make his (and your) dreams happen? Alan Dale is determined. He wants to make good for his family, that includes an ailing mother. All he needs is that one break. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a huge fan of music, movies, and international sports such as rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, and hockey.

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