Dane Spotts The Mind Power Library

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The Mind Power Library

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9781892805010: The Mind Power Library

5 Breakthrough Mind Technologies Teach You To Zap Stress... Program Your Success Autopilot & Awaken Your Hidden Mind Powers.

A FIREWALKING YOGI MEDITATES for a few moments...then walks barefoot 27 feet across 1,700 degree burning hot coals. A monk stops his heart from beating and reactivates it minutes later by "thought power." Everyone’s heard these incredible mind power stories. Are they real or fantasy? And if they are real what does that tell us about our own potential? I’ve spent the last 20 years searching for answers to those questions. In my journey I’ve discovered some amazing things I’d like to share with you. But first I want to take your brain for a ride. An incredible journey that’s been described as...


Listen: I tried everything in the 70’s & 80’s. From retreats to brain tune-up machines. But none of it prepared me for the mind-blowing experiences of the Brain Supercharger® soundtracks.

As I plugged it into my player, I kept thinking, "it’s just a recording." Then I put on my headphones, flipped the switch, and whoosh...I was immediately transported into another time and place.

My body became extremely relaxed. My arms and legs felt numb. I began to experience new things. I started having long conversations with a voice inside my head, experiencing vivid memories and a flood of creative ideas.

It seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places. Words can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two-week vacation in 28 minutes. I realized this was no ordinary self-improvement recording.


By sound phasing certain frequencies and harmonics and delivering them spatially into the brain it was discovered that you could alter one’s mind-state and unfold a deep meditative awareness similar to that achieved by Zen Monks and fire walking yogis. Just training your brain to enter into these dream-like altered states can have enormous benefits. Users have reported reduced stress, enhanced creativity, peak experiences and feelings of psychological well-being. Even out of body experiences. Just as certain forms of music can affect your mood, it seems that sound frequencies played in the right combinations stimulate deep relaxation and open the mind up to all sorts of incredible possibilities. The effect is subsonic, so you don’t actually hear it...but you sure feel it. What you do hear are the sounds of an underground stream, special tones, and what seems like the voices of angels. It’s weird, but it actually feels like angels are flying around inside your skull.

This 3-D effect is created because the sounds are delivered spatially, and processed in your mind like an audio hologram. I don’t profess to know exactly how music and sound affects the mind (no one really does), but I do know how it feels. When you finish a session, your entire body becomes charged with a new energy. You feel renewed...more aware and mentally like soaring with eagles. It’s that experience I want to share with you.

BUT WAIT! Before I go any further with my special offer, there is something I must tell you. This technology is still experimental. And like most new ideas with profound implications it’s controversial.

And there’s something else too. Something you should be cautioned about right now. If you’re susceptible to seizures or are undergoing psychiatric treatment, you probably should not be experimenting with this stuff. I’m serious. These are powerful industrial strength mind tools, designed for experimental use (for "Mind Warrior" types) who want to explore their hidden potential. Over 500,000 recordings utilizing this technology have been distributed world-wide, and many users (like me) have experienced dramatic effects from using it every day...but everyone responds differently. The only way to know for sure how it will affect you is to experience it yourself...firsthand. Then you’ll understand why this technology is so powerful.

If you think you are a "Mind Warrior" (someone willing to experiment with new ideas) then absolutely—you must join me in a grand experiment and...


In my book I describe how to set up your own "Mind Lab" to record your experiences and realize the powerful effects of this technology. The Mind Power Library™ I’m sending you includes 12 different titles (each about 28 minutes in length—recorded onto 6 CDs) incorporating the "Supercharger" technology. Different flavors if you will...each designed to train and relax your conscious mind...while opening a doorway into your inner mind. The true source of your being.


A "double blind" experiment was conducted on the BRAIN SUPERCHARGER soundtracks. The findings as reported by the study's author were as follows; "To begin with, it appears that the BRAIN SUPERCHARGER "works." That is, it does what its name implies it does. Daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener, increasing his or her... INTELIGENCE, EMOTIONAL STABILITY, and ALERTNESS. Conversely, a comparable group of people, exposed for the same period of time to a PLACEBO tape—identical in every respect except that it lacked the SUPERCHARGER technology—showed essentially no changes at all. These psychological gains from the SUPERCHARGER, in turn, translate into increased judgment, greater creativity, a broader occupational outlook, and a generally more relaxed view of life—as indicated by an actuarial profile analysis of the data.

...These findings strongly suggest that the SUPERCHARGER technology does what it claims to do; that is, it provides the human brain with a psycho-physical "workout," as it were, that improves its mental functioning. In conclusion, the BRAIN SUPERCHARGER appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways."

(Quoted from a report issued on the Brain Supercharger study, by Dr. Lawrence Cory, PhD. A reprint of this report along with further analysis can be found in the appendix of Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes To A Supercharged Brain.)

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From the Publisher:

A Technology For Programming Your Mind

(Quoted from Chapter 4 in the book Super Brain Power included in your kit)

"The reason why the Brain Supercharger technology is so effective in changing personal behavior and modifying self-image is that the affirmations (positive experiences) are directed toward the unconscious, while you are in a state of peak receptivity for psychological programming.

The conscious mind will reject any statements which are in conflict with what it knows to be true, but the unconscious doesn’t know the difference between a truth or a lie. Unlike your conscious mind, the unconscious can be tricked into believing a new reality.

The most important fact you need to know about the unconscious is this: The unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined experiences!

Most self-improvement techniques are designed to work only with the conscious mind. You listen to motivational speakers who get you pumped up for a day or two. Or you read self-improvement books that contain great principles and ideas only to forget them a few weeks later. Perhaps you repeat positive affirmations on a conscious level, and instead of a quick fix, you just feel silly! The problem isn’t that these things can’t work. It’s just that they require an immense amount of effort and repetition to penetrate the conscious mind and re-script years of negative programming that already exists in your unconscious. The problem with all these methods is they don’t directly address the true source of your behaviors. So when you tell your conscious mind, ‘I am wealthy’, or ‘I am thin’, it knows you are lying.

One woman I know, who was trying to lose weight with conscious affirmations said, ‘I have affirmed that I am thin until I am worn out. I knew that when I was telling myself those statements that it was obviously not true.’ Her statements were rejected by the conscious mind and the very opposite of what she outwardly affirmed was manifest. She actually gained weight! The unconscious mind will take your fears and limiting beliefs and, in its own way, bring about the obstacles, delays, and limitations into your life to fit your internal image of reality. That’s why if your outer reality isn’t working, you need to work on your inner reality. Your outer world is or becomes a reflection of your inner world. It’s just that simple.

What’s required then is a technology that can bypass the conscious mind and address the unconscious directly. In effect, opening a window into your inner mind so you can implant positive programming. Through repetition and real life experiences that begin to mirror this new internal reality, it becomes self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating. Once locked in, your mind script is modified permanently. The unconscious then acts in accordance with its new programming and brings about changes in your everyday experiences to match this new reality..." (continued in book.)

About the Author:

Dane Spotts is the CEO of PSI TECH. He is also the founder and president of LifeQuest Industries, (formerly Zygon) a venture development group involved in cutting edge mind research projects.

A successful entrepreneur, he started his first business at age 20 and used the profits of his various enterprises to create mind tools. His inventions include the Brain Supercharger technology designed to shift consciousness and reprogram negative self-sabotaging beliefs, the SuperMind / MindQuest mind programming computer, and the Learning Machine®, which incorporates a patented 5-step accelerated learning process using light/sound sensory technology.

Dane Spotts is also the author of Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain and The Photographic Mind along with dozens of audio programs including: The Secret of Living the Perfect Life, Mind Power Secrets, How to Find Your Mission in Life & The Millionaire's Mind. Several of his programs have been purchased by the Central Intelligence Agency.

In July 2000, when Dane Spotts joined PSI TECH as an executive partner, he and Jonina Dourif merged PSI TECH with its new sister company, Mind Tek Research. Dane Spotts has committed to aggressively oversee the continuity and continued progress of PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing.

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