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Giclee prints are one of the most modern forms of art print. The term giclee emerged in the 1990s to designate high-quality inkjet prints of fine art. This term was coined by Jack Duganne, as in French it means to spray or squirt. Inkjet printers can spray over 4 million droplets of ink per second. Originally, the term giclee only referred to prints made with Iris printers, but over time it came to be used for all fine art inkjet prints. The word giclee may also describe prints of posters and advertisements.

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Collectible giclee prints are made from accurate high-resolution scans or professional photographs. They are very precise and feature the same hues as the original works. Printed onto canvas or paper with light-fast ink, they remain true to the original for many decades if they are taken proper care of. Furthermore, giclees have waterproof, smudge-proof, and anti-oxidating properties. The prints may also be varnished with UV-protective substances that can give them the realistic feel of an original painting.

Giclees are popular among both collectors and art galleries. They are featured in many state museums, such as the British Museum in London, the Boston Museum of Art, and the Paris Louvre Museum of Art, to name a few. Many artists prefer giclee printing over other printing methods because of the durability of giclees and their convenience in terms of the cost and time required to produce them.

The giclee technique is used to print modern paintings and classics from every age, as well as photographs and posters. Shop for the intriguing modernist works of Jan Voss and Willibrord Haas, the portraits of Karen Kilimnik and Thomas Sully, Charles Van Sandwyk's famous bird and children's book illustrations, or even limited edition giclee-quality movie posters. These rare giclee prints are perfect for collections, galleries, archives, or to hang on your own wall for a gorgeous and accurate reproduction of a masterpiece.

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