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The living room is the center of a home, so the way you decorate it can set the mood for the whole house. Suitable living room art can come in all sizes and forms, ranging from renaissance classics to contemporary works by rising stars, exotic masterpieces from foreign lands, or simple movie posters. Even the blandest of indoor areas can be livened up by the right living room artworks.

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The living room is the main space that is seen by visitors, so your choice of living room artwork is an excellent opportunity to showcase your fine taste to the world. Living room art can consist of almost anything, including medieval art replications, Salvador Dali prints, Art Deco posters, or inspirational quotes. Depending on your taste and the size of your living room, you may use dozens of artworks or only a few standout pieces. And the options are endless: framed or gallery-wrapped canvas art, silkscreen prints, wooden art, metal art. Living room artworks come as originals, prints, or limited edition pieces, and may be giclees, lithographs, or serigraphs.

Landscape art is an excellent way to bring the natural world into your living space. Gustav Klimt's 1901 Tannenwald (Fir Forest) is a prime example of his poetic and colorful landscapes, while the stark silhouettes of American artist Erin Clark's Tranquil Trees that stand against a deep blue background is ideal for introducing thematic color. Cityscapes and seascapes from artists such as Rackstraw Downes with his almost 3D images of U.S. cities and Fauvist Raoul Dufy's Dusk at La Baie de Anges, Nice are excellent collectible living room art pieces with their intricate details and subtle colors.

Purchase living room art to fill your space with the ambience of Mona Lisa or Monet, classic movie posters, portraits of your favorite heroes, or anything else to suit the decor and express what you love.

Living room art sums up the personaity of the home - will yours be tranquil or traditional, humorous, scholarly, eclectic, or ultra-modern?

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