Barry Lawrence Ruderman

La Jolla, CA, U.S.A.

+1 858-551-8500

Joined August 31, 2022

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AbeBooks' uniqueness is our network of independent booksellers who work with us to provide the most diverse selection of rare, used and out-of-print books on the Internet. It is these sellers, with their experience, commitment and love of the used and out-of-print book business who help all our buyers find that treasure they've been looking for.

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Invoices will be written in U.S. Dollars. We accept checks (U.S. Dollars), Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfers, money orders and cashier's checks. Instructions for bank transfers and SWIFT transfers are available upon request. We can also accept payment in Euros, though please contact us directly to arrange this.

We are pleased to issue certificates of authenticity upon request. Please make the request when you process your order. Please note that issuance of certificates...

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Shipping Terms

We ship packages worldwide, using Federal Express, DHL, UPS and the US Postal Service (USPS). Orders received during before 3 p.m. Pacific Time on days when the gallery is open are typically shipped the same day. All other orders are typically shipped the next business day. When you order an item, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email, confirming that your order has been processed by our email server. We will follow up with written confirmation that your order is in stock and has been shipped. Feel free to email or phone us if you have other questions.

While we make our best efforts to insure timely delivery of your packages, even the best courier services do not have perfect track records. Holidays and inclement weather can result in unforeseen delays. If you are purchasing an item for a gift or you otherwise have a specific deadline, please specify this information on your order form and use a shipping method that allows a safe time cushion for receipt of your order.

We have several shipping methods, depending upon the item. Maps are typically shipped either flat (encapsulated in Mylar and bound between multiple sheets of packing boards) or in custom thick core packing tubes. If you have a preference, please feel free to include this information when processing your order.

Shipping Insurance will be added to all items over $200.00. Insurance is typically billed at $0.05 per $100.00 (e.g., insurance for a $1000.00 map would be $5.00).