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A Tour of Tokyo’s Bookstores

Leave it to the Japanese to find an elegant, efficient and practical approach to everything – even shopping for books. Book-loving visitors to Tokyo who seek out Jimbocho, an entire district dedicated to used books and publishing, will find themselves in a beautiful, bookish heaven. Jimbocho, named for a 17th-century Samurai, was razed by fire […]

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Best Books for August 2012

Once again our good friends over at Amazon books have chosen 10 amazing books to read this month. It’s a good list so don’t delay in picking up your copy. From post-apocalyptic fiction to dog co-pilots to the science of sleep and a new novel from actress Molly Ringwald, find these titles and more. 1. […]

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Books in Bloom – Collectible Gardening Books

A green thumb will inevitably lead to a bookshelf packed with books about gardening. This selection of rare literature spans two centuries of guidance for gardeners and includes tips from Pulitzer Prize-winner Edith Wharton and English writer Vita Sackville-West – a member of the bloomsbury group. Make your bookshelf bloom with this beautiful collection of […]

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Best Books for June 2012

Each month the book experts over at Amazon pick their favorite books for the month. This month, the editors have chosen a book about one of the biggest bank failures in American History (The Lost Bank), a thriller about a marriage that’s gone terribly, terribly wrong (Gone Girl), an inspiring story about an elite athlete […]

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Children’s Classics as Minimalist Posters

Gorgeous minimalist posters depicting children’s classics.

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Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass

Five interesting facts about Mark Twain.

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Famous Authors Send Anniversary Wishes to Halifax Library

Authors from around the world send letters to Halifax Library saying why libraries and reading are important to them.

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Book Titles With a Letter Missing

I’m on a roll today. This is too good to not blog about – book titles with a letter missing. I agree with Bookiliciousblog.com that these are some of the best ones being posted on twitter (#bookswithalettermissing). These are really good (and so clever): Moby Ick O Hello Velveteen Rabbi Liver Twist Ok, let’s come […]

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I read Beowulf, Don Quixote and Heart of Darkness Today – What Have You Done?

Read the classics in seconds with the help of Book-A-Minute Classics

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