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The Toothpick: Technology & Culture – Weird Book of the Week

Check out the 6 new books added to the Weird Book Room!

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Book Bound With Human Skin of a Would-Be Assassin Bought at Car Boot Sale

Man comes home from a car boot sale with a pocket book bound in tattooed human skin!

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Man Charged With Stealing Antique Books

A British man has been charged with the theft of books valued at £50,000.

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My Author & Pet Pairings

Based on appearance alone, here are my pairings of authors with animals that I thought would be suitable pets for them.

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Revisiting Raymond Chandler

Over at the Spiked Review of Books, Mick Hume takes a look back at the life of detective novelist Raymond Chandler and his best known character, Philip Marlowe. Says Hume, “Fifty years after Raymond Chandler died, we need his ‘shop-soiled’ Galahad Philip Marlowe as much as ever to put our mixed-up world to rights.”

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Adrian Mole Author Sue Townsend Receives Kidney from Son

Author Sue Townsend receives a kidney from her son after a long wait for a donor.

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Thomas the Tank Engine Author Commemorated

A retirement home in Birmingham has been named after Thomas the Tank Engine creator, Wilbert Awdry.

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2010 Preview for Nora Roberts Fans

Nora Roberts has listed her upcoming titles for 2010.

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Wacky Wednesday – Weird Book Room Updates

We’ve got another great selection of odd books including The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual by Trevor Weekes. Be sure to visit the Weird Book Room to check out all our newly listed titles!

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