AbeBooks and TextbooksRus are pleased to offer Canadian students a quick and convenient textbook buyback service so you can sell your textbooks after you’ve used them. We pay the shipping so it’s easy to sell your books!

  1. Click the button below to visit the textbook buyback site.
  2. Enter the ISBN(s) of the textbook(s) you wish to sell.
  3. Instantly find out how much we'll pay.
  4. If you accept our offer, simply print a shipping label (we'll even pay for it - no postage is necessary if mailed in Canada) and mail your textbook(s).
  5. Repeat the process!

Sell your used textbooks

While you can save up to 90% off the list price when you buy used textbooks through AbeBooks, you can also sell your books for cash.

Why sell back your books through AbeBooks and TextbooksRus?

  • Earn cash for used textbooks you don’t need anymore
  • Free UPS shipping on your books
  • Payment by cheque once the book is received
  • Processing is fast and payment is quick
  • Your textbook buyback quote is valid for up to four weeks


AbeBooks Offers Canadians Cash for Textbooks With Online Buy-Back

Cash-strapped college students can now sell their books online through a simple and easy buy-back service at AbeBooks (http://buyback.abebooks.ca) that includes pre-paid shipping.

Following a tried and tested business model that has flourished in the US in recent years; AbeBooks is the first major online marketplace to offer direct textbook buyback to Canadian students.

To sell their books students simply enter the ISBN(s) of their book(s) on AbeBooks buy-back page and are instantly offered a competitive buy-back price.  When the student accepts the offered price they open an account, complete their contact information, print the pre-paid mailing label and packing list, and mail the book(s) at any UPS outlet. A confirmation number is then issued and a cheque or online money transfer is sent to the student when the book(s) arrive.

The AbeBooks’ buyback is available year-round, open to all students in Canada, and is perfect for anyone looking to trade in books for extra cash.  More than one million editions are available for buy-back at http://buyback.abebooks.ca

Buy-back prices at AbeBooks are constantly updated according to national book and textbook demand.  Quoted prices are guaranteed if received within four weeks.  Find the current buy-back price for textbooks, bestsellers, cookbooks and more at http://buyback.abebooks.ca

AbeBooks.com is a major online marketplace for books that helps students find affordable new and used textbooks.


Sell your used textbooks


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