Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to sign the agreement?

A: In order to list your inventory on any of the AbeBooks Web Sites, you must sign the agreement by clicking the [I Agree button].

Q: Will you change the agreement?

A: AbeBooks may change the agreement from time to time. Booksellers will be given 21 days written notice of any changes either through email or by messaging on the site.

Q: What do you mean when you state, "the agreement is for an indefinite term"?

A: It means that the agreement will be in effect until either the participating bookseller or AbeBooks decides to terminate the agreement. Therefore, by signing the agreement booksellers are not obligated to remain booksellers with AbeBooks for a fixed duration.

Q: What are the AbeBooks Web Sites?

A: The AbeBooks Web Sites consist of:, (Germany), (France), (United Kingdom), (Italy), and (Spain).

Q: What if I don't want my books to be on an AbeBooks Web site?

A: By signing the AbeBooks agreement, you agree to list your books on all of our Web Sites. We do not provide the option to opt-out of any specific AbeBooks Web site.

Q: What do you mean that you can add, delete or change the Web Sites?

A: AbeBooks plans on increasing the number of AbeBooks Web Sites in the future in order to capture new markets, geographies and languages. AbeBooks needs the flexibility to add, remove and change Web Sites as necessary.

Q: How does AbeBooks work? Where do I find out about listing my books, customer contacts, order processing, my payments, shipping, fess and taxes, and returns?

A: The AbeBooks Program Guide is a comprehensive overview of how AbeBooks works and bookseller expectations. This Guide consists of three parts:

  1. How AbeBooks Works - an explanation of how AbeBooks Web Sites and programs work;
  2. Code of Conduct - outlines the expected standards of Bookseller participation with AbeBooks; and
  3. Performance Standards - the areas where participation will be measured.

Q: Does AbeBooks ever take title to the book?

A: No. Title of the book remains with the bookseller until the item is shipped at which point the title transfers to the book buyer.