Drop Shipping Policy

Drop shipping, or allowing a third-party to fulfill orders to customers on your behalf, is generally acceptable as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Sellers must be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products;
  • Sellers must not re-list another AbeBooks' sellers inventory for sale on AbeBooks; and
  • Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable AbeBooks policies.

Examples of drop shipping that is not permitted:

  • Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers, if the shipment does not identify you as the seller of record or if anyone other than you (including the other online retailer) appears on packing slips, invoices, or external packaging; or
  • Shipping orders with packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own.