HomeBase 3.2

Download Homebase 3.2

Key Features:

  • Inventory Management: Upload inventory directly to AbeBooks, or export files for FTP and other online venues.
  • Multi-select: Edit or delete multiple listings at one time.
  • PricePartner: Quickly and easily adjust the prices of selected or all items listed in HomeBase 3.2. You may select a sub-set of your listings and increase or decrease prices by a fixed amount or by a percentage on only those listings. You can also update all selected listings to the same price.
  • ISBN LookUp (available to registered booksellers only): Find ISBN's within the database and choose the best match from the list.
  • Quantity: If you have more than one copy of an item, you can use the quantity field and we'll automatically decrease the quantity online when an item is marked as sold.
  • Import Options: HomeBase 3.2 can import most common standard file formats and allows you to import custom delimited file formats.

System requirements:

HomeBase 3.2 is designed to work on a PC running the following Microsoft Windows versions:

  • 10
  • 8
  • 7

HomeBase 3.2 is not designed to be networked on more than one computer.

Additional information can be found in our HomeBase 3.2 online help.