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The ABAA was founded in 1949 as a trade organization to promote interest in rare and antiquarian books. Since then, the organization has grown to include over 440 members from all over the country, with specialties ranging from Americana to Zoology and everything between, including cartography, autograph material, prints and graphics, archives, and ephemera. Abiding by a strict Code of Ethics, their mission statement reads, "The mission of the ABAA is to promote ethical standards and professionalism in the antiquarian book trade, to encourage the collecting and preservation of rare and antiquarian books and related materials, to support educational programs and research into the study of rare books, and to facilitate collegial relations between booksellers, librarians, scholars, and collectors." ABAA members are the experts to contact if you are searching for (or wish to sell) antiquarian books, autographs and manuscripts, maps and prints, and rare ephemera.

The ABAA is a frequent partner with other book-related associations in underwriting lectures, exhibitions, symposiums, book collecting contests, and educational opportunities, and is the proud sponsor of the three greatest annual antiquarian book fairs, in California, New York, and Boston.

Nearly three quarters of ABAA members also list their items on, offering some of the finest, most unusual, collectible, beautiful books in the world. is proud to showcase the diverse members of the ABAA and to celebrate their commitment to the highest standards of bookselling.

Are you a seller and interested in joining ABAA? ABAA membership conveys recognition throughout the rare book world. A member of the ABAA is a bookseller with proven knowledge, expertise, and ethical standards. Learn more.

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