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Phaidon Press has been one of the pioneers of the art book format since publishing a number of gorgeous books on artists in the mid-1930s. Originally founded in Vienna in 1923, this company relocated to London to avoid the Nazis and then carved out a niche for itself by producing beautiful but affordable publications adored by art fans.

Phaidon’s huge range of titles over the decades has covered both popular and scholarly art. They can serve as coffee-table books, educational aides, or simply be fun to read. There are also signed editions and limited editions for readers looking for something special.

Every aspect of art is showcased, including photography, classical art, pop art, history of art, art collections of the rich and famous, fashion, architecture, decorative arts, all the major artistic movements, and cookbooks. Travel fans will relish Phaidon's Wallpaper City Guide series, while film buffs will enjoy the Anatomy of a Actor series.

The Art Book
The Art Book is one of Phaidon's most popular titles

One of Phaidon's most influential books is The Story of Art by Ernst Gombrich. First published in 1950, this book describes the art world in a single volume. It has sold millions of copies and is widely translated.

Phaidon has also enjoyed success with The Art Book - an easy-to-read A to Z guide to 500 painters and sculptors that makes art accessible. This title has been reprinted numerous times in various formats.

Phaidon’s name comes from Phaedo, a student of Socrates. Plato later wrote a dialogue called Phaedo where he proposed that the soul is immortal. In Phaidon's line of business, art is immortal.

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